Everything about us

acrylic-trade.com is an asset managed account.

Our group of traders who run the trades generate profits from buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange market which is what we know as the Forex, we also trade on stock exchange there by investing- in large cooperation on the stock market and on commodities as we have traders who understand the factors of underlying commodities like gold and oil and so understand the trends in prices of the commodities. We also understand se part of your investment staked in mining of investment I concurrency.

Company Registration

Our Mission.

acrylic-trade.com works with block-chain and cryptocurrency to provide cutting edge research for technological and investment solutions to its clientele around the world. Our mission is to give everyone a shot at a sustainable passive income through cryptocurrency investments

Our Vission

We provide pioneering solutions in the cryptocurrency space and produce year on year growth for our clientele. We are among the leaders in the cryptocurrency mining space and increase our mining hash power month on month. As an organization, we will empower our employees and provide both horizontal and vertical growth opportunities.

Our Team

Joseph Herron


Dr Alex Jojo


Richard O Morgan

Marketing Officer

Helen Murie

Relationship Manager

Adam Karin


Maya Carlisle


Sidney Margret

Sales Manager

Davis Bean

Audit Manager

Brooke Thigpen

Account Officer

Scott Brinkley

Finance Controller Manager